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U-Report Provides Voice to Country's Youth

With nearly 60 per cent of Papua New Guinea’s population aged under 25, and mobile phone usage among this demographic sitting at an all-time high, UNICEF PNG has launched a new tool to gather the opinions of our younger generation on the issues that matter the most to them.

U-Report PNG uses simple SMS/text messaging to youth perspective on key issues such as health, education, gender based violence and employment.

All messaging sent to U-Report PNG is free of charge, and provides a platform for youths to enrich policy recommendations and strengthen programs and services.

Innovation Specialist with UNICEF PNG, Nick Turner, says that U-Report is easy to use and completely anonymous.

“To register as a U-Reporter, and I encourage everyone to join, all you need to do is SMS/text the word ‘Join’ to 1555.

“It’s a free service, and each week we send out a new set of questions. The data from the responses that we receive will assist UNICEF to better improve our programming, as well contribute to government policy and provide a voice to a generation that is often left without one,” Turner said.

U-Report PNG can be accessed via the most basic of mobile phones, and will be rolled out at the provincial level after a successful pilot phase in the National Capital District.

“Through U-Report we improve accountability, we highlight injustice and we protect the most vulnerable, particularly children, through PNG,” Turner said.

“It’s not only used in PNG, with 29 other countries around the world contributing their thoughts via the U-Report global platform. People from all over the world want to lead their community's development, address social issues and make a better life for everyone, and this is PNG’s chance to contribute to the conversation.” 

See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.